Arduino Atom Robot ( Block based Coding ) Age 8 to 11

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  • Atom Robot from Accelmove is the best way of starting  Robotics and Programming.
  • Kit is suitable for kids age 8+.
  • Plug and play components will make programming and sensor connection hassle free.

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  •  Explore our award-winning robot  ” Best Learning Robot for kids  ”  & start your experiential learning process. 
  • Kit suitable for Kids of age 8+ & experience the practical Robots with the easiness of block-based programming.
  •   Providing an Arduino playbook (1175 pages manual ) on every purchase that includes How to start Arduino, Intro to Robotics, how to do Hardware setup, the ebook will be shared along with the purchase.
  • Hands and minds-on learning Kit includes 40+ experiments and 40+ challenges & assignments. 
  •  Kids can easily learn and implement the learnings, Do it Yourself from home.
  •  PlayBook also teaches you how to develop Your Own Mobile App to control the robot and the Bluetooth Mobile App development course.
  • Explained each code block to make you understand the functions of the robot.
  •  Send us the video for all the challenges and you will receive a special appreciation certification with international validity.
  • Batteries are not included in the kit. (Please buy 2   18650 Batteries before, Don’t let the fun wait.)
  • Product video:- 



Assembly Video:-