Arduino Prime Robot ( Text based coding) Age 12+

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  • Ard-Prime is an all in one solution for beginners and pros alike for Arduino Robotics.

  • With plug and play Sensors and custom made Arduino Hats and Motor Drivers you can start to experience Robotics as fast as you can.

  • Self learning is the best way of learning you can learn Arduino Robotics by yourself.

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  • Build a Hand following  Robot, Bluetooth Robot, Line Follower, Obstacle avoidance Robot along with other basic experiments.  Perfect for Robotics Beginners.
  •  Arduino from Beginners to Master using one kit.
  •  Providing an Arduino playbook on every purchase that includes 30+ experiments.
  • Easy and understandable.  You will receive it in an email after ordering.
  •  Kids can easily learn and implement the learning’s, Do it Yourself from home.
  •  PlayBook teaches you how to develop Your Own Mobile App to control the robot,  Bluetooth Mobile App development course included in the playbook.
  •  Send us the video of Autonomous Mobile Robot, Bluetooth Robot, Line Follower, You will receive special certification from us and International Accreditation Forum.