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The Fastest Way To Build Artificial Intelligence Applications without Code

The fastest way to transform your text, image, video, and live stream data into actionable insights with a no-code Visual Intelligence Platform. No-code AI means using a no-code development platform with a visual, code-free, and often drag-and-drop interface to deploy AI and machine learning models.

No-Code MLOps meets Managed Infrastructure.

Simply select what you want to train, upload your data, and our system will build a model for you — no expertise required. Keep multiple machine learning projects running smoothly, and upgrade your models without a hitch.

Construct neural network training pipelines visually - run multiple experiments in minutes.

Label image data collaboratively, even across multiple labelling teams - within the browser.

Automated and GPU-accelerated neural network training. Monitor the team's experiments progress with inbuilt TensorBoard.

Use AI to Label Data 10x Faster with IntelliBrush.

  • Label images collaboratively as a team in real-time
  • Draw bounding boxes, polygons, and masks
  • Use IntelliBrush - Our latest AutoLabeller
  • Pixel-perfect annotations and controls

Monitor and train vision models without code.

  • Neural network training pipelines using drag-n-drop
  • Choose your own model architecture
  • Scale training and perform transfer learning concurrently
  • Run and monitor multiple experiments in real-time

The visual builder allows any researcher and developer to build models easily. Things that used to take weeks or even months can be accurately constructed in just a few clicks!