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No code whatsapp

No Code Whatsapp Chatbot

Accelmove’s no-code WhatsApp chatbot builder is a powerful and easy-to-use.

WhatsApp is becoming wildly popular as the messenger of choice. Build WhatsApp Chatbots to scale your business interactions on WhatsApp without writing a single line of code.

Why should you choose Accelmove’s
No code Whatsapp Chatbot ?

Powerful two-way communication

Experience free-flowing conversations with customers using Clever Brain’s WhatsApp chatbot with advanced notification capabilities.

Industry-leading NLU

Leverage pre-built conversational flows with domain intelligence to solve the common use-cases within your industry.

Fluent multilingual conversations

Choose from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Gujarati, Kannada & many other languages other than English. Leverage a hybrid of translation & custom native language understanding for the best customer experiences.

Reduce cost and boost sales

Support customers on WhatsApp

Give your support team the ability to engage and assist customers on WhatsApp Business. Agents handle tickets 3x faster compared to phone calls.

Automate alerts and notifications

Send order updates, delivery alerts, reminders, and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional messaging channels, while achieving high open rates.

Send rich promotional messages

cut through the noise, move your email marketing to WhatsApp and take advantage of up to 75% read rates and 15% click-through rates.

Drag and drop editor for creating chatbots

Create triggers, set up auto-replies, and organize the conversational logic of your chatbot. You can build an effective sales funnel with an auto-reply flow for your subscribers

AI Dashboard Analytics

Our chatbot analytics dashboard is the result of hundreds of customer interviews that helped us know which KPIs were important to their business.

From improving the conversion rate on the chatbot to evaluating the business impact the chatbot has brought in, our chatbot analytics most likely has it all.
Monitor the number of sent, delivered, and opened messages. This information will help you improve the results of your campaigns by changing the copy and sending time of your messages to meet your audience’s desires.

API Integration

We provides an open API, through which you can integrate a WhatsApp channel into your CRM, analytics system, or other project.


  • Engage with ease Drive conversation at scale on platforms that your customers love
  • Personalization at its best Nurture business relationships with smart, effective automated conversations with zero coding.
  • Automate at scale Fast, accurate and reliable responses delivered instantaneously.
  • Multilingual & Multi channel Your bot converses in over many languages and Scale engagement on multiple channel.
  • AI Analytical Dashboard Proprietary AI and Natural Language Processing algorithms to render a highly reliable experience


  • Support & Operations Save time and increase customer satisfaction Be where your customers are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our chatbots improve response time and customer satisfaction while saving operational costs