ROS Master course

10 students

ROS syllabus:

Module 1 :   Introduction to ROS, Why , What and About  ROS, Installation of ROS: Ros file system ROS communication ROS Debug tools and Graphical tool    
Module 2:   Turtle sim simulation, Creating Publishers & Subscribers , Custom Message , Turtlbot3 Robot simulation  
Module 3:   ROS services , ROS Actions , Application of the above in Turtlebot
Module 4:   Mapping Theory , Mapping with a Robot , Localization Theory, Mapping and Localization [combination techniques]
Module 5:   Path planning Theory , ROS navigation stack, Cost map , Autonomous Navigation

Take Away:

Free ROS documentation .
Free Whatsapp Support
Missed classes will be shared in Recording’s.
Digital Certification

18000 +18% GST  = INR 21,240

  • Please refer the syllabus already shared in overview
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