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Computer Vision

Revolutionary Computer Vision for the Real World

Accelmove helps leading organizations worldwide to build, deploy and operate all their AI vision applications dramatically faster, more flexible and transform their data into actionable insights.

Visual Search

Accelmove’s AI based visual search technology, discovering the right product has become more easier, and faster than ever. User can search for products with an image as quick as a blink of an eye, allowing your customers to quickly find similar products to what they already see and like without having to type any text.

Video Analysis

For Retail Store managers, who want to increase revenues, Accelmove’s AI-based video analytics provides detailed customer demographics information as actionable heat maps enabling better targeting unlike older motion-based heat maps that are not very useful.

Image Based AI Analytics

Accelmove create the leading AI-based image capture and Customized analysis engine to recognized objects, people, and extract insights & sentiments.

Facial Recognition

In today’s world, organizations face evolving threats to safety and security, and an increasing responsibility to protect employees, customers, and communities.

What's New

Why Visual Search for Retailers?

We live in a world driven by visual information. We store images in our brains all the time. We take images of our surroundings every day. We do visual searches in our brains without being aware of it.

It’s much easier to remember something when you get a visual representation of it. So, it’s only natural that we use something like a visual search technology to search for products we like.

With Accelmove’s image recognition software powered by Artificial Intelligence, you can inspire online retail customers by enabling them to use visual search instead of a text search.